Computer hacking, ransomware, data breaches, fraud: cyber crime is a bigger problem than ever, and is a concern for everyone, from the humble consumer to the largest of corporations.

Cyber warfare has even emerged as the latest military battleground – attacks on government agencies have increased, and both China and Russia have been accused of state-sponsored cyber hacking against the west and its allies.

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“We are finally seeing more constructive board engagement in the topic of cyber security now than we did previously,” says David Ferbrache, technical director of KPMG.

“High-profile instances of attacks, mainly data breaches but also ransomware, are keeping cyber towards the top of the agenda.”

Ferbrache makes this claim based on the results of a new survey of chief information officers (CIOs) published by KPMG and recruitment agency Harvey Nash earlier this week, which uncovers the changing business priorities and issues facing some of the world’s biggest organisations.

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