Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing in technology for sure. As we witness a paradigm shift from IoT to IoE (Internet of Everything), IHS predicts that by 2020, we will have over 30 billion connected devices. People have started considering AI and IIoT (Industrial IoT) as the fourth industrial revolution as these technologies have started touching various industry sectors including healthcare, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, real estate, and the like.

The good thing is the revolutionary IoT technology does not confine to industries only. Its coverage is very wide that includes our homes and city. Yes, smart homes and smart cities are two futuristic concepts based on IoT. The blog talks about how IoT adds comforts and convenience to our home.

Home Automation Solutions- A Boon of Technology

Home automation or smart home automation technology enables us to control a range of devices and appliances remotely by using a common network. In other words, all the devices and home appliances are connected to a common network and we can say it a “connected home”. You can control it from anywhere by using either a smartphone or a mobile device with a touchscreen.

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