Spanish gazpacho brand Alvalle is to launch its chilled starter in new markets across Europe this summer.

Working with independent creative agency RPM, Alvalle has launched a summer 2018 supper club series called Gazpacho Gatherings, where influencers and consumers come together in a relaxed, at-home setting embodying the Mediterranean mood of Alvalle, to enjoy great moments around food, kicked-off with the deliciously simple gazpacho starter.

Alvalle, which is owned by Pepsico, has joined forces with chef Nina Parker to help emphasise its quality credentials and build relevance for the product in the context of supper clubs; a thriving social trend and the inspiration to encourage consumers to create their own relaxed, at-home gatherings around food.

Rob Barnes, marketing manager at Alvalle, said, “Our ambition for Alvalle was to anchor the product into that aperitivo pre-meal occasion, so hosting supper clubs felt like the most authentic way to see that come to life.

With the first event we’ve been able to generate awareness of Alvalle to an audience who might not be familiar with gazpacho.

We’re excited about the next events in June, with Alvalle at the centre of creating moments centred around great food, drink and company.

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