Now no one will be surprised by the site where you can play free gambling. Nowadays, online casinos are quite common; there are many relevant sites that are already known as reliable gambling sites (for example, And if now many online casinos actively attract new users with the help of free games (as on the page already mentioned site) or all sorts of lotteries, once such resources were a novelty for Internet users.

The first company to start providing online gambling services was the American game developer Playtech. The first online casino appeared in 1996, and it was called Europa Casino. It took a little time (about a year), as after that there was the first bookmaker, focusing on the virtual sector. 1998, for the history of gambling on the Internet, was marked by the growing popularity of relevant sites among the public. This was partly dictated by the fact that many online casinos have introduced such a concept in games as "progressive jackpot". In fact, it is the summation and gradual increase in the potential gain. This approach quickly aroused interest even among those who were not interested in gambling before. In addition, the interest in such entertainment is dictated by the fact that the winnings in online casinos, often much more than in conventional gambling institutions. For example, the biggest win in an online casino was $ 8 000 000-for a casino an unprecedented amount (here, as a rule, the figures reach 3-4 million dollars). This is quite logical, because when you open an online casino, investments are significantly less (even the development of an expensive site, it's a penny compared to the purchase of furniture, staff salaries and preparation of premises), and therefore the payback period is less. Accordingly, the gain may be more significant. Among other things, in a real casino you can be banned from playing if the administration suspects you of fraud. On sites such opportunities simply technically there is no, so here can play all. Even if your country has a legal ban on gambling, if the server with the casino is located in another country, the user can always go and play.

Now there are more than 15 000 Internet resources in the network, which have chosen to gamble as their specialization. There are both world-famous casinos and young services. One thing is sure, the interest in online casinos, though slightly decreased in recent years but remains stable, which means that this area will still develop.