Cupertino based smartphone maker Apple has refused the Central Bureau of Investigation’s request to unlock the iPhone 4S of Mathew Samuel, Narada’s CEO.

CBI had asked Apple to provide the password for Mathew Samuel’s iPhone 4S to help it investigate the Narada sting operation, which had surfaced in 2011.

The Narada sting operation had revealed several TMC members accepting money in return for doing favors for Impex Consultancy Solutions, a fictitious company floated by Mathew Samuel to perform this sting operation.

He had published 52 hours of footage on the website

Mathew Samuel had submitted a 28-minute video to CBI and the authenticity of this video was challenged by TMC leaders Aparupa Poddar and Iqbal Ahmed in the Calcutta High Court claiming that the video’s originality could not be ascertained in the absence of the original device.

Mathew Samuel had informed the investigators that he had recorded the videos on his phone and later transferred them to his laptop.

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