A new driver for the graphics portion of Intel’s “Kaby Lake G” modules with Radeon graphics baked into the chip is now available.

Listed as version 18.6.1, this is the latest graphics driver release since Intel originally revealed its new modules in November 2017.

The big fear when Intel officially introduced these modules was that the company would drag its feet regarding updates to the graphics driver.

The modules didn’t become readily available in devices until January during CES 2018, thus Intel hasn’t distributed a new driver in six months — eight months if you count the date of the original driver.

That said, the driver released in November 2017 was version 23.20.792.2048 presumably based on AMD’s own Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.11.2.

The new driver ditches Intel’s previous numbering scheme and gravitates to AMD’s system so you know where Intel’s graphics drivers are in relation to AMD’s own driver releases outside the module family.

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