Private tabs squeezed through anonymizing network taste like actual privacy

Brave Software has updated its web browser so that its private mode actually supports privacy, or nearly – a few lingering technical issues still need to get ironed out.

The outfit's latest desktop release, Brave 0.23, integrates Tor, the free open-source software that aims to help netizens evade online surveillance, in its Private Tabs feature.

The Tor network masks users' true public IP addresses, by routing connections through nodes scattered over the world, in an attempt to conceal their whereabouts and identity.

Instead of connecting folks directly to websites and servers, it passes requests through a series of relays over encrypted connections, obfuscating the origin of the requests.

Popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox (the basis for the official Tor browser) and Safari claim they support privacy, but they only get users halfway there.

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