To drive the point home, the undergarments maker is betting most people won’t notice stacks of money and free underwear hidden nearly in plain sight in various locations in New York City and online.

A new campaign by CP+B is built on the fact that people don’t acknowledge advertising, and plays off various marketing tropes that try to grab attention but now go mainly unnoticed, like QR codes and posters with fine print.

CP+B started by putting the packaged underwear all over New York City along with stacks of cash, free for the taking in broad daylight, to see who, if anyone, would notice.

The team behind the creative filmed the locations from a van and waited…and waited, until a few people finally stopped and realized they had something good.

“We took advertising tropes, like the big sign on a billboard, the wailing arms tube man, the QR code…we wanted to make that part of our social experiment, but show that people can get rewarded for paying attention,” said KT Thayer, creative director at CP+B.

That’s the year Fruit of the Loom was founded,” he said.

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