RCS will likely change the way we interact with text messages on our phone, bringing a number of great features — like read receipts, better group messaging, and more.

Only one problem — unlike apps like Facebook Messenger, where you can simply download an app, carriers have to first support the feature.

T-Mobile teased that it would soon start supporting RCS Universal Profile back in March.

Now, however, it looks like that is finally happening — T-Mobile is adopting RCS Universal Profile for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones, with wider adoption likely to come in the near future.

This isn’t the first time T-Mobile has dabbled in RCS as a standard.

It has supported different versions of RCS since 2015 for in-network communications — but with other carriers adopting the RCS Universal Profile standard, which was developed by Google, users on T-Mobile couldn’t take advantage of the features while messaging other users on a different carrier.

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