England fans are still rejoicing over their team's big World Cup win against Colombia on Tuesday, a 4-3 shootout victory that sent the Three Lions to the quarterfinals.

(British tabloids reported a national hangover the day after the game, with at least one Tesco store selling out of Lucozade, a popular drink choice for the hungover.)

But not everyone thinks it's coming home, or that it's fair the way modern football might be coming home to its birthplace of England.

More than 250,000 people have signed an online petition claiming that the match was unfairly officiated and should be replayed.

"I want to denounce in front of FIFA and with the support of all my Colombian compatriots, the match of the round of 16 between Colombia and England," reads a translation of the petition, which was started by Colombian law student Juan Diego García Muñoz.

The petition specifically calls out two controversial plays that weren't submitted to FIFA's video assistant referees, the system new to this year's tournament that places a team of officials in a separate room to replay contentious plays and assist the on-field refs.

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