Stockholmsbolaget Sqore (NTL) was launched in 2009 with the mission to make it easier for companies to identify the right candidates in the recruitment process with the help of contests and tasks.

since Then the business has grown and in 2015 the company began to develop further a leg to stand on: services that match students with universities.

”Universities have to change around 20-40 per cent of their studentpool each year, at the same time, they are often difficult to reach out to suitable candidates.

It was a tough decision to scale down the HR business area, but it was based on the data – and the demand, but also the sales figures,” says Sqores ceo and co-founder Niklas Jungegård.

But the new deal has so far not given any positive result in the financial statements.

the Company behind the Sqore, Student Competition, reports a turnover that falls from just over 17 million in 2016 to the key 15 M in the previous year, while losses increase from -10 M in 2016 to -28,5 Million in 2017.

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