Increased reliability of customers over the online food ordering apps have made it as an enthralling online business. Lately, every online business is trying to cover the most demanded need of online users. Brands which are rightly meeting the demands are on the right path for success and many still striving to find the right one. Food delivery business is one of the most demand meeting online business, so when it is done on a right platform it can direct you on the path of success. What else will be wiser than following the firmly set foot steps of a leader, so starting an online food ordering business with our foodpanda clone script will be a wise idea.

Modern industry

The evolvement of technology and modernisation has replaced the previous way of ordering through a call and getting delivered at doorstep and came up with a completely automated digital way for food ordering. This has brought has the higher order efficiency.

A food delivery business should not get compromised on their quality of service to the customers, which can gain them more reliability. So a script for food ordering business should meet the most essential needs like delivery at doorstep, on time delivery, order trackings and much more. All these can be perfectly met by our readily available online food ordering script.

User alluring Appkodes’s Script

Appkodes’s script for food delivery business is designed with features to benefit all involved on it. So the features on it are,

Benefitting features for customers

  • Easy register and setup default address for delivery.
  • Easy add dishes from menu with menu add up button.
  • Manage orders until delivered.
  • Check out page to summarise the order before proceeding for payment.
  • Can check the restaurant/items available time.
  • Also one of the trend feature is, users can mention their available time while they place order. This helps to reduce order delays.
  • Customers can read and post reviews for restaurants and also select their convenient delivery area from the list.

Exclusive features for restaurateurs

  • Easy login and setup restaurant profile.
  • Streamlined order management.
  • Easy add items and categories.
  • Create/add and manage coupons and store offers.

Authority to Admin

  • Admin will oversee complete site operation from dashboard and also can manage the static page, meta tag, email and templates.
  • Admin can easy add and manage cities for service.

The one main thing, the revenue generation is through

  • Admin can deduct the commission on each successful completed orders and then can send money to the respective restaurateur.

Final thought

Appkodes’s Foodpanda clone script- SmartEat will be an ideal solution for the ideas of online food ordering business. Appkodes’s SmartEat have attractive design, guaranteed powerful performance and it is a secure and bug free script. SmartEat is readily available with web , native ios and android app to help you gain instant reach and generate good revenue. So, if you are planning to enter the food ordering business industry, then doing it with the SmartEat will be a wise idea.