Until now, the witty videos for Chatbooks, a subscription photo book service, have featured a character dubbed “Real Mom” front and center as the primary domestic warrior, traffic-copping her family’s everyday chaos while singing the app’s praises.

And so far, she’s logged more than 100 million views, with creative work on the mini-movies coming from the Harmon Brothers, masterminds of Squatty Potty’s pooping unicorn and massive viral hits for Poo-Pourri, Purple and other brands.

But consumer research and social listening convinced the Utah-based Chatbooks that the lesser-known co-star, “Real Dad” (actor Gavin Bentley) needed more face time.

So the newest video, which launched Monday, gives the male character as much exposure as the hilarious queen bee (still played by a pitch-perfect Lisa Valentine Clark).

“Our customers told us that both parents are equally involved, and one person doesn’t run the show,” said Rachel Hofstetter, CMO at Chatbooks.

“While the whole idea of a bumbling dad is stale in advertising, we started to hear that ‘Real Mom’ as the only shot-caller was feeling a little antiquated.”

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