The baffling world of container management keeps inching toward usability

Red Hat is celebrating the 1.0 release of Istio, the open source microservices management project, and the arrival of version 3.10 of its OpenShift software container platform.

Istio's 1.0 release received mention at Google Cloud Next last week, but the official bits are expected on Tuesday.

The software serves as a management mechanism for distributed microservices, providing capabilities like traffic management, service identity and security, policy enforcement and telemetry among apps running across multiple Kubernetes clusters and hosts.

Brian Redbeard Harrington, product manager of Istio at Red Hat, described it as the glue that holds the components of containerized applications together.

"It is aiming to be a control plane, similar to the Kubernetes control plane, for configuring a series of proxy servers that get injected between application components," he explained to The Register in a phone interview.

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