There are many online shopping apps prevail on market to help users find intrend fashion accessories and products. But when it comes to trade for refurbished products/peoples trying to sell any newly bought products nothing can help them better than a good online classifieds app. These apps are proving as a best platform in connecting the thriving sellers and interested buyers. And now you too can effortlessly build this platform and can capture if not wide range of market but can surely a place in your local market with Appkodes’s advanced classifieds script.

Process flow on Appkodes’s script

This script for online classifieds business lets users either to sell or buy products according to their needs,

On process, it will flow as follows,

  • Both sellers and buyers have to register to take part in the system.
  • Then sellers can list the products they need to sell.
  • Buyers can search and find products according to their need.
  • Then buyers can order the products and select either one of multiple payment options.
  • Payments made by the buyers will be received by admin.
  • Admin will deduct his commission for sale and will send money to the seller.

Script with advanced features

The process to buy/sell on this script is as simple as mentioned above but it has many advanced features to support every process.

  • Make an offer- Buyers can request offer on price to the sellers using this make an offer feature.
  • Accept & deny/Giving Away- Sellers can either accept or deny the offer requests made by the buyers on a single click. Also sellers can post products with mentioning its price for giving it away on purchase of their any other products.
  • Exchange to buy- When a buyer is unable to afford the price of the seller product and if he has any product equal to the worth of seller product, then he can request for exchange to buy with seller.
  • Instant live chat with image and location share option- Buyer and seller can interact directly with each other on instant chat window , which also has image and location share option on it.

Like these, by default this script have many other features on its attractively designed UI.

Revenue generation features

  • AD & Urgent promotions- If any seller wants to sell his products sooner, it has got AD and Urgent promotions feature to help them and admin can earn huge from it. Admin can promote seller product as ads for specific cost and if any seller need to sell his product immediately then admin can urgent promote their product at different cost.
  • Seller basis commission- Admin can deduct his commission from the payments, for every sale made on the website.
  • Google Adsense- It is integrated with Google Adsense to additionally generate more revenue. Sellers can promote their products for a particular time on the website ad banners by requesting to the admin. Where admin can charge them a specific cost for it.

Final thoughts

So Appkodes Advanced Classifieds Script- Joysale has got everything by default, which you will need for your online classifieds business. So avail it now to view your business instantly live on web, ios and android platforms.