Plans for a further push towards a common mobile phone charger are being examined in Europe.

The EU commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager, highlighted a lack of progress in the area, despite repeated attempts to reduce charger waste.

According to a Reuters report, Vesteger told a lawmaker in Europe, who enquired about the ongoing situation, that the Commission found the currently voluntary system was making, “unsatisfactory progress,” and that a new study would soon be launched to examine alternative options.

Called an impact assessment study, this will help the Commission decide if it should introduce new rules, and how they would operate.

While there is no guarantee the study will result in any mandatory changes, the EU Commission has been trying to influence the way device manufacturers produce and bundle chargers with products since 2009.

The environmental impact of these chargers is considerable, with the EU stating each year chargers make up 51,000 tons of electronic waste in the the region.

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