Microsoft has rolled out another preview build for Windows 10, and the big news is that there is no news – in other words, there are no introductions whatsoever in terms of new features, just minor bug fixes and tweaks.

And that’s interesting because this is the first build that has introduced nothing – the previous Redstone 5 preview, which landed last week, finished off work on the dark theme for File Explorer – which indicates that Microsoft is now simply engaged in honing and fine-tuning for the next big update.

And that in turn means that the release date must be coming near, so we probably haven’t got long to wait before the big update is unleashed.

At least in theory, although there’s always the chance of last-minute stumbling blocks and things being pushed back further (as happened with the April 2018 Update, when a significant bug was discovered on the home straight that delayed it – in the end, it barely made the cut for April).

Of course, some changes have been made to the latest build 17738, but they’re just minor tweaks as mentioned, although one of the bigger bug fixes is tuning the Start menu for better ‘performance and reliability’, as apparently it has been misbehaving a bit in the last few builds.

There are also various adjustments for Edge, including making sure the browser can handle downloads in excess of 4GB without failing, and curing the Settings menu from going awry when its text size is increased.

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