Stepping away from the Interior Design of Long Island NY, I had the wonderful experience of visiting the beautiful Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, during a once in a lifetime trip to Morocco with my dear friend, Dawn! The Jardin Majorelle is an extraordinary garden that was once home to iconic designer, Yves Saint Laurent, who lived in the vividly blue building located on the premises. It is also the location of the beautiful Berber Museum he created, showcasing the stunning costumes and jewelry of the Berber culture. Berber women traditionally wore silver jewelry of great size and weight, a symbol of wealth gifted by their husbands at the time of marriage. The elaborate pieces are absolute works of art! Below is a look inside the Berber Museum and all of its beauty.

From the architecture to the fashion, inspiration was all around us. Arches, such as the one pictured below, are characteristic of Moroccan architecture, and are used on almost every door, entrance, and window! Doors are oversized and decorative?—?look at all of those carved metal details! Dawn and I couldn’t help but strike a pose in front of such a beautiful backdrop! How stunning are the jeweled tones used in the intricate ceramic mosaics?

I absolutely fell in love with the beauty of this country, and can’t wait to add flairs of Moroccan influence to future design projects! From fabrics, to wall coverings, adopting the colors and textures of Morocco add personality and fun. A perfect fit for any Hamptons Interior Design project! Traveling is a wonderful source of inspiration for me, and one of my greatest passions. I’ve recounted many of my experiences in my very own “Travels with Marilyn” editorials in House Magazine. Check the “Travels” section of our website for a collection of past travel diaries, and stay tuned to find out where I’m headed next!

Much to my surprise, I returned home from my trip to find a new Moroccan inspired wallpaper book from Cole & Son’s sitting in the office! I think they captured the spirit of Morocco perfectly, don’t you?

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