Robots are well-suited to the sort of simple, monotonous tasks that suck up hours of factory workers’ time and attention.

That’s why the market for intelligent machines designed to work alongside humans is forecast to be worth $3.1 billion by 2020, and why companies like Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner, have already deployed tens of thousands of them in assembly plants overseas.

The robotics systems company, which is registered out of Singapore, today announced that it plans to establish a headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, where it’ll hire 50 new employees and deploy 740 robots ahead of the construction of a local manufacturing facility in the U.S. It’ll also open a research and development center in Boston, Massachusetts to “further expand its technology development capability,” and in the next three years intends to deploy an additional 20,000 robots in factories across the country.

“GreyOrange is the world’s largest supply chain robotics company and the global leader of robotics technology for operating flexibly automated warehouses,” Samay Kohli, CEO and cofounder of GreyOrange, said in a statement.

“With our expansion into the United States … we will transform warehouse processes and efficiency and enhance employee engagement and retention, bringing it on par with tech jobs.”

One robot in its fleet is the Butler PickPal, a logistics center bot the company announced in March.

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