Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield talked with Box CEO Aaron Levie at BoxWorks in San Francisco on Thursday.Box

Slack, the $7.1 billion collaboration startup, uses around 350 different applications to get work done internally, and CEO Stewart Butterfield doesn't expect that to change any time soon.

In a conversation with Box CEO Aaron Levie, Butterfield rejected the idea that a major acquirer like Oracle would sweep in and consolidate the scattered market for enterprise startups.

The proliferation of new software companies is "going to continue forever," Butterfield said, adding that "software will get into finer and finer niches."

SAN FRANCISCO -- The software market is full of hundreds of startups with extremely specific, niche offerings — and that's not going to change any time soon, according to Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield.

In a chat with Box CEO Aaron Levie on stage at the BoxWorks conference, Butterfield cast doubt on Levie's suggestion that a major acquirer — like Oracle, in Levie's example — could swoop in and consolidate the space.

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