TrueCADD is Professional BIM consulting firm in India. The decade of experience in BIM implementation services and BIM execution planning (BEP) to help construction industry as well as architects, engineers, consultant and engineers for BIM execution plan and BIM modeling in building construction. As we are leading firm of BIM consulting, we aid to our valuable clients with a seamless transition from traditional 2D CAD and paper-based workflows to rapid virtual prototype allowed by effective 3D BIM models using Revit, without a lot of blunt investments.

Our exclusive BIM consulting services embraces

  • Offshore BIM Team
  • BIM Implementation
  • BIM Project Integration
  • Coordination among trades
  • Clash detection & resolution
  • 3D Visualization
  • BIM Execution Planning (BEP)
  • BIM Training
  • Material take-off/ Quantity Estimation
  • Model Template creation
  • BIM Model Auditing
  • BIM Content creation


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