Mobile devices with rollable displays are just around the corner, but one team is taking some fairly old-school inspiration for how a tablet could use the screen technology.

The MagicScroll is the handiwork of Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab, combining a cutting-edge 7.5-inch flexible display with the form factor more akin to an ancient scroll.

Although several companies are known to be working on flexible panels, and firms like Samsung are expected to bring folding devices based on such technology to market within the next 12-18 months, so far there’s been less discussion around what form-factor they’ll adopt.

Samsung’s Galaxy X, as the upcoming device is widely known, is believed to be a clamshell, taking advantage of the fact that a flexible screen could be folded in half without damaging it.

The Queen’s University team, however, envisages a different concept.

Their argument is that actually rolling the display makes for not only a better use of space but a more effective one.

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