The entire world isn’t even 4G-complete and yet carriers, OEMs, and even governments are already squabbling over 5G.

But while the next gen mobile network won’t even be widely available in the most advanced markets for a few more months, chip developers and smartphone makers are already reassuring customers that they have products ready for it.

The first off the train might be Xiaomi, with its upcoming Mi Mix 3 bezel-less phone, beating Huawei to the punch in more ways than just 5G.

This confirmation comes straight from the horses’ mouth.

Xioami President and co-founder Bin Lin seems to be adopting a strategy of officially dropping breadcrumbs for the media to munch on days before an official reveal.

Just last week, he dropped a photo that shows the Mi Mix 3, its almost completely bezel-less screen, and its sliding camera trick.

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