Big Blue deal with MayaData brings OpenEBS to platform

MayaData has linked arms with IBM to make OpenEBS storage available to IBM Cloud Private users, giving Big Blue an answer for those that want containerised storage.

OpenEBS is open-source, container-native software that provides block storage and uses Kubernetes as the underlying framework for scheduling and storing configuration data.

CloudByte developed Elaststor, OpenEBS and also the open-source Maya orchestrator, which can tier data to S3-compatible storage.

OpenEBS has snapshotting, replication, high availability, and can back up to S3.

Powell had CloudByte change its name to MayaData in December last year, when it launched Maya Online, software-as-a-service (SaaS) that provides Kubernetes monitoring and control in a cross-cloud control plane for stateful workloads, such as databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, Jenkins for CI/CD, and messaging such as Kafka and RabbitMQ.

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