There are currently two storms spinning in the Atlantic basin with a potential third on the horizon.

And those conditions are likely to persist for the next few weeks just as we reach the statistical peak of hurricane season, meaning we could see more storms spin up.

The former poses a pretty serious threat to Gulf Coast, with the National Hurricane Center forecasting it will intensify into a hurricane and make landfall on Tuesday night with life-threatening storm surge from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.

It could reach Bahamas by early next week and possibly the East Coast, but that’s still a long ways away.

Ryan Truchelut, the president and chief forecaster at WeatherTiger, told Earther that he’s concerned about Florence’s threat to the Bahamas in the near-term, but the odds of it reaching the East Coast are low given its track and historical precedent.

Waves are often precursors to tropical storm systems characterised by low pressure and thunderstorms.

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