One of the biggest game releases of the summer was Fortnite.

At first, the game was only available for Samsung devices, but it didn’t take long for Epic to start issuing invitations to owners of a very specific subset of Android devices.

Even with limited device support, Epic saw 15 million players install the game within the first 21 days of its launch!

Why are only certain devices supported?

The official answer is that Fortnite is a highly demanding game and only devices released within the last two years are capable of playing it smoothly.

Epic has published a blog post detailing its battle against Android fragmentation and how it has overcome the huge differences in hardware and software implementations to widen its support to include all of Samsung’s flagship devices since the Samsung Galaxy S7; all of Google’s Pixel smartphones; several devices from Huawei, including the Honor 10, the Mate 10 and the P20; the LG G5 and upwards, as well as the LG V20 and newer; the Nokia 8; the OnePlus 5, 5T and 6; and some popular devices from Xiaomi, Asus and ZTE.

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