How easy is it to subscribe customers to your network?

However reaching consumers where geography and transport links are making the population distributed is a real challenge, particularly in rural areas, and in an era of Amazon prime and instant service, keeping customers satisfied with fast delivery and shorter lead times means making changes to your sales and distribution models.

Due to shifting market needs, Huawei has developed a solution which makes it both simple and fast to register customers and activate pre-paid and post-paid subscriptions within the space of a few minutes.

The mobile app, installable on any smartphone, enables staff to register new customers quickly; registrations and top ups take anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes compared to some 30+ minute waiting times seen in some EU operator stores for pre and post paid registrations.

The Dealer agent app is the front end of a cloud based service which invokes standard processes such as customer registration and activation, top-up, and so on.

Finally the customer can use their SIM card immediately as the app will register the SIM number to the network instantly at completion of the order.

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