We’re not 100% sure how to spell it, or whether it is actually a thing yet, but appealing to the fidgety younger consumer could be the key to cracking the content market

For many telcos, convergence is a business model which offers a shining light of profitability in the cut-throat digital economy.

While connectivity providers should be viewed as the bedrock of the digital economy, capturing revenues has been an increasingly difficult task.

The Silicon Valley internet giants have been securing the lions share, only allowing crumbs to fall down the value chain, relegating the telcos to the dreaded role of connectivity utility, though convergence offers a glimmer of hope.

Whereas mobile and broadband offerings and the experience are purely defined by being able to connect to the internet in a timely, efficient and secure manner, content takes the telcos away from a commodity offering.

Though a massive question still remains; how can the telcos penetrate this ecosystem in a profitable manner?

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