Games are always a source of entertainment for every age group. The easy access to internet has made it possible for everyone to play online fames and connect to the world but you need to know is how you can safely play.


Games are not only played by the children but people of all the ages. The developers have developed such games that interests everybody. Online games are now widely being played by people where the player plays games with real people from around the globe. The competition sometimes gets tougher and the players take the game way too seriously.

These games are undoubtedly fun to play, the individual can have a great time while sitting alone and enjoys company of others. But these are risky as well. Because internet is fun but it also has the other side which is harmful.

This article is helpful if you belong to eSports and are a regular online player. We will share some of the safety tips here which will enable you to play safely and securely on online websites.

  • Install an Antivirus:

Installing an antivirus is the foremost thing you should do before going online or as soon as you buy a computer. If you think that an antivirus can only be useful for detecting viruses and threats that are caused by visiting suspicious websites or downloading apps, then you are wrong. Because antiviruses are very useful to protect your online gaming accounts and let you know if someone tries to hack your account or impersonates you. Your gaming data will be highly protected for your future.

  • Choose your passwords wisely:

Mostly people choose very random numbers, or words, or their birthdays, and some common words as their passwords. Remember that it is not at all wise if you regularly play online games. People make an excuse by saying that it is harder for them to remember difficult passwords, so they choose a single password for all of their accounts. It is another mistake that they do unknowingly. The easiest and safest way to set a password is to choose a combination of uppercase words, lower case words and numbers. With this technique even your random words known by your closed ones can save you. Your online presence will also be made safer if it is on some gaming website or any other website.

  • Enter the data carefully:

While creating an online account you should be very careful about the details and information you are entering. Unfortunately, the hackers are the most intelligent minds who have vet innovative ways to access your details. It has been reported that they create pages exactly like the original ones, the users do not recognize the difference and falls victims. But pay attention every time you log in to a website, if they ask for some unusual and unnecessary details, then do not enter or you will regret for the rest of your life.

  • Choose trusted servers:

Gaming is just like our real life. As we seek experts’ opinions and reviews before buying anything or taking the final decisions, the same rule applies to the gaming world. If you are a serious player and will do any thing to play the game, then make sure you research fully before entering the website. Google about your concerned website, read all the reviews and if you get fully satisfied only then enter the website and start playing.

  • Shop carefully:

The online games are fun for the players but actually it is a full-fledged business. The developers sell some codes, Do My Homework Online and extra items that will boost your game and will help you reach the highest levels in no times.

But you should be careful while purchasing the items, do not het over excited so that you can pay attention to what you are actually doing. Your credit card number, bank details, and gaming account is always at risk. So be careful because you deserve to get what you pay for.

These are some very basic tips which will help you protect your online gaming accounts safe and secure. You need to play smartly but for that you need to choose wisely first. You will definitely not like to open up yourself to strangers that can use the given information against you.

People have made friends for life while playing games together. It is a greater way to expose to the world, talk to people around the world, but remember there are perpetrators every where who are disguised in friendly masks. They will make you their fan so that you can never doubt them if something weird happens to you.

The games should be the source of entertainment, and fun but the hackers use it to gather personal information and use it against you.


Author’s biography:

Alina Olive Cornella is a game developer and author of this article. He has developed many well known games and tries to spread awareness through his articles