A whole lot of hubbub has been generated by infamous billionaire Peter Theil and his repeated, dull attacks on higher education across the United States.

Theil’s claims simply aren’t based in reality

Let’s get right to the heart of the issue; no matter how many times I try to turn the page of my newspapers on Peter Theil, he keeps showing up in headlines asserting that higher education in the United States, and four-year colleges in particular, are an utter waste of time.

Theil actually goes a step further than this, alleging that not only are colleges giant money-sinks, but that they’re dangerous propaganda factories that are supposedly brainwashing our youth and the brightest minds in Silicon Valley.

My own college experience didn’t turn me into a bleeding-heart liberal, nor did it radicalize me or sway me to act like a cog in a machine.

The idea that higher education is nothing more than a factory designed to churn out brainwashed far-left liberals is so ludicrous that it barely warrants addressing.

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