Venom is a surprisingly fun, tight action flick that doesn't quite reach the heights of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but satisfied this nervous fan.

Venom is in theatres now in the UK and opens in Australia on Thursday and in the US this weekend.

The first scene, which occurs midway through the closing credits, introduces Woody Harrelson in a ridiculous, cheap-looking wig.

Apparently crusading reporter Eddie Brock -- secretly still host to the Venom symbiote -- is the only person this imprisoned psycho will agree to be interviewed by.

"When I get outta here, and I will, there's gonna be ... carnage," he tells Eddie, in a bit of foreshadowing that's about as subtle as biting someone's head off.

Although the film doesn't explain this at all, Harrelson is playing serial killer Cletus Kasady.

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