Brands measure all sorts of data points to determine whether or not consumers are happy with a product or message.

But, in the world of Nick Horbaczewski, founder and CEO of the Drone Racing League (DRL), those statistics aren’t as important as keeping the company one step ahead of the latest trend—a lesson every brand should take to heart.

At Brandweek, Horbaczewski explained why certain company achievements were the wrong measures of just how mainstream and valuable the DRL was becoming.

“When our fans watch [DRL], they see the future and they see tendrils of the many forces that are changing their lives and the world around them,” Horbaczewski said.

“So we were wrong, we were simply wrong to be looking for these milestones.

There wasn’t a road to follow; relevance wasn’t some game of awareness or reach or frequency; relevance was a measure of the 99.9 percent of the time that your fans aren’t interacting with your brand or the content.”

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