Victims of torture are in Myanmar, fled to Bangladesh, the Rohingya for nearly two million US dollars, root out financial assistance to announced UK. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) country at assistance announced to welcomed.

Related according to Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar living in Rohingya refugees urgent food and nutrition needs, including different crisis, reduction in the AT money comprehensive will help.

The Department for international development called the agency in Cox's Bazar WFP’de assistance e-voucher and food programmes management. Is called new money at support due to the WFP’quotes, all program even more dynamic.

In this regard, the Department for International Development, the secretary, lingerie, most, says, ‘almost more than a year, over the plug at the crisis currently devastating humanitarian disasters of forms containing.’

Organization's secretary further said, ‘malnutrition, suffer at Children and mothers, caring for our highest going to try. World Food Programme WFP’quotes through important support is the United Kingdom of UK aid.’

Since last year, a WFP nearly eight million more refugees, food assistance provides coming. Help at next year's march, continue until the approximately six and a half million US dollars, more than money will be needed.

Note that, in 2017, in August Rohingya on Myanmar army run widespread violence in the face of their own life to save nearly 7 million more than the Rohingya border can with in Bangladesh, to escape to.

At the time, the country's army to the actions are ethnic unprovoked killing, say sources to various state and international organizations. Meanwhile, the massacre proved, if accused of this punishment brought under favor of like gave getting the various human rights organizations.

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