You disappointed...? Such a position envisions, or stunt, where can be yourself in the world, from all feel happier? You know what your desired place, but also from someone, maybe life in the game is defeated in life, from a bid to take to mean.

Example mean? Chester Bennington larger than examples, and can be the key to our country Salman Shah, which also can be called.

Its key fed up with you? A public varsity in Chance is not? Department the first can be yet? Or BCS?

That Du at Chance, found, millions of students dream of, that is DU to can be called the country, all educational institutions of the capital. The Dhaka University finance department, the chance got Kushtia, young Hassan. Admission also was own dream to meet. But dream no longer meet the teachers halfway through that third year, the studious young Hussein to give up to pay is this boy committed suicide February 14, 2018.

Ins, but in this way, midway through a helm drop yet. A public university from the honours master's end has been the Department's first. But the work will be key, said finally to him, to cease to give is. Patuakhali Science and Technology University of Soil Science in the first TS, Debashis Mondal, university education not to be able of life, surrendered to the Japanese in the year is 14 May.

Police Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sabbir Ahmed, Tom go with Assistant Police Super, as the police had joined Rajshahi University in the Department of English of these students. Key in his life so any defects may have not do so? But its drawback is that only the know, and those defects do not meet pay a Whether DS made 29 April 2017 date.

It's just a few examples. Such events constantly happening. AU is happening. And it's a reality. To all the people that was successful, she, maybe, yourself, lost to the boss. Everything getting also, maybe nothing is found, not happiness, is its to the intangible remains.

So any got some to doesn't necessarily mean happiness. Your location, how much satisfied, it's basically happiness measure. Once back, looked at the view, you have a lot of it also there is. You are in that position, there come also for numerous people, night, day, work, going to your space is to them the dream.

Some do with a power disappointment on hTERT is not in as far as they got, or who have it with a satisfied stay, good stay, happily.

Author : student, journalism and Media Studies Department, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University

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