In the Bay of Bengal caused stronger cyclone style hit the ransacked India's Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, coastal all areas. This cyclone effect, the end, News found to have lost at least ten people. Killed the EVERY the Andhra Pradesh resident. State's multiple places on the uprooted, fell trees, breaks down electric poles, raw House-home. News, Washington Post.

Washington Post, saying the incident of the intercepted has become state of electricity and telephone service. Hence, being intercepted, train, and airplane service too. Keep off has been School-College including different office. In a word, life, is, after the has completely upset.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh shrikakulam districts, up to now, four deaths have been found, on the other hand, deep sea, the fish, went to death has been more at least six see. On Thursday (October 11) Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister's office, from this news has been confirmed. However, this killed the number in front of even more growth, get can, say, also fear being put.

News more is called tool, and winds, and high waves of cyclone style cast spill Orissa, spti, gonna, Gopalpur, Puri, Khurda, Getsinger, dark, balance, Center different district also. Edina soccer from the province's coastal district in sometimes, yes again sometimes torrential rains to be found.

Multiple places in the trees and electric poles uprooted. Fly got, living roof. Life has become upset. Meanwhile, the state's at least five coastal counties, from nearly three million more people in the shelter, has been removed. Although still far in the state of death, no news could be found.

The comfort not in West Bengal also. Worship the left in front of big disasters, the fear, the panic, the state of most people. On Wednesday (10 October) local time on the afternoon from Kolkata, East and West Midnapore, North and South twenty-four Parganas, including Bardhaman district, coastal areas, light rains began. The next day, Thursday (11 October), local time from morning to a sky of face was fierce radiance. Disaster by advance preparation as Harvest Festival has opened the disaster control room. Ready Keep have been disaster all the parties too.

In this regard, the country's weather department according to the Orissa, is on the west side of the borrow to come this cyclone style. However, the state to come to come style energy a lot of a will be reduced by, say, also has been informed.

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