Tax is the primary source of revenue for most countries, allowing governments to fund social security, healthcare, and infrastructure for their citizens.

Unfortunately, the countries that need these the most are also often the ones where the gulf between the taxes levied and the actual amount of money collected from taxpayers is the widest.

Indonesia is a poor performer when it comes to tax collection, losing as much as US$7.48 billion – or 0.85 percent of its GDP – in unpaid taxes in 2013, according to a United Nations study.

While the situation is improving, Indonesia’s tax-to-GDP ratio remains far below the 15 percent that the International Monetary Fund suggests is needed to stimulate growth in middle-income economies.

There’s still plenty that can be done to improve tax collection across the island country, and Jakarta-based OnlinePajak is leading the charge.

It has just raised US$25 million in a series B round led by Warburg Pincus.

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