San Francisco startup AISense launched Otter, a voice recording app that leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe speech, in February, with the goal of developing tech that can accurately capture conversations in meetings, interviews, and conferences.

CEO Sam Liang describes Otter for Education as a version of Otter designed to “meet the needs” of universities and other higher level education institutions, and as affordable and real-time accessibility aid for students with note-taking accommodations.

Tulane University, Western Kentucky University, and UCLA have signed on in early access earlier this year ahead of the launch of an enterprise release in December 2018.

“We are excited that Otter will bring AI into classrooms and will dramatically improve education effectiveness,” Liang said.

“Students now have searchable class notes with synchronized audio, and real-time transcription makes classes accessible for students who have difficulty following what a teacher is saying” he continued.

Otter for Education affords instructors control over access to recorded transcripts, and was designed to complement disability services and accessibility technologies already in use by universities, Liang said.

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