Although it is true that there is nothing that stresses more than the complaints and cries of children, parents can be as guilty as the children of their behavior.

The error in most parents is to respond instantly to the child's misbehavior and this will only Reinforce the negative action of the children in a negative way.

There are parents who fear what will happen if they ignore the Bad behavior, but the reality is that when you ignore the behavior and do not react to the moment, you give yourself some time to think about how to act if the Bad actions continue.

If you label him negatively, he will also comply with that assigned label, and if you do not label him, better!

In many occasions, it can happen that it is the parents who provoke the situation without hardly realizing it.

If you remain calm, do not shout at them and use the words to explain what you are expecting from them at all times and use patience to apply the immediate consequences if necessary, stressful situations will become less problematic.

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