An audience member at Channel 4′s big Brexit TV debate appears to have captured the mood of many Remain supporters with a seemingly involuntary reaction to Nigel Farage sounding off.

The former Ukip leader was appearing on the live debate show, ‘Brexit: What the Nation Really Thinks’, on Monday when he was presented with a poll suggesting people thought he would do a worse job of negotiating with the EU than Theresa May.

Farage argued the PM was delivering “a Remainer’s Brexit”, which prompted an eye roll to end all eye rolls ...

There’s been a lot of competition this year, but this has to be the greatest eye-roll of 2018.

— Hannah Jane Parkinson (@ladyhaja) November 5, 2018

The debate also featured Justice Secretary David Gauke, Shadow Trade Sceretary Barry Gardiner and the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas on behalf of The People’s Vote.

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