Director Christopher Nolan is receiving the inaugural Vanguard Award on Tuesday at the 4K Ultra HD Summit in Los Angeles.

The director's work is also at the top of a survey listing the movies fans most want to see in the ultra high-resolution format.

Nolan's The Dark Knight, Dunkirk, The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar are among the Top 10 movies that fans want to see at home in 4K, according to the results of a FandangoNow viewer survey, which asked a group of roughly 1,500 people which movies are best seen in the format.

The survey places The Dark Knight in the No.

1 slot, with Dunkirk at 4, The Dark Knight Rises at 6 and Interstellar at 10.

Marvel films are also high on the list, with Avengers: Infinity War at 2, Thor: Ragnarok at 3, The Avengers at 5 and Black Panther at 7.

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