He has been there since 2014.Wikimedia Commons

Javier Soltero, one of Microsoft's rising stars, is leaving the company after four years, with the intention of "getting back to building new things."

He came to Microsoft after his startup, Acompli, was acquired in 2014 — a move that was seen as emblematic of then-new CEO Satya Nadella's revitalized corporate strategy.

Soltero had a reputation for challenging Microsoft's assumptions, and famously warned employees that they were on the brink of irrelevance without swift action.

Soltero rose from leading Outlook on smartphones, to leading Outlook overall, to eventually leading the Cortana digital assistant business.

Javier Soltero, currently the head of Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant, is departing the tech titan at the end of the year amid a round of reorganization to the Microsoft Office business.

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