With the popularity of the iOS platform and the higher payment ability of Apple users, businesses focus their strategic efforts to deliver the highest quality products. The right tech stacks play an important role here. Therefore, with the introduction of Swift in 2014, lots of confusion appeared in the iOS development world.

On the one hand, Objective-C has proven to be stable and has been used for many years in development. On the other hand, the newest programming language, Swift, provides a lot of benefits and a more modern way of coding.

Objective-C and Swift

These two languages are included in the top 20 most widely used programming languages in the world. 8.1% of all developers are specialized in Swift, while 7% are experienced in Objective-C.

Now the development world is discussing which language is better for iOS development Swift or Objective-C.

Wondering what the difference is between Swift and Objective-C? Which language better suits your project? Follow this fundamental article to learn a detailed comparison of Swift vs Objective-C to make your choice.