Physicist Zhifeng Ren, director of the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston, has received a research award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Ren, an expert in thermoelectric materials, devices and systems, will use the award to further a collaboration with Kornelius Nielsch, director of the Institute for Metallic Materials at IFW Dresden, a German research institute focused on the physics and chemistry of new materials.

Known as TcSUH, the center includes more than 200 affiliated faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students working in the fields of superconductivity, energy and health.

Anderson Chair Professor of physics and a principal investigator at TcSUH.

By then, his reputation for cutting-edge research in a variety of fields was well established, including work in high-temperature superconductivity, carbon nanotubes and high-performance thermoelectric materials.

With the Humboldt award, he and Nielsch will focus on new fabrication techniques and the theoretical understanding of thermoelectric nanomaterials, as well as the discovery of new thermoelectric materials.

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