Admission to graduate school is not easy. In fact, it is highly competitive, especially if you want to get into a prestigious university and graduate program. Ivy League universities often have very selective admissions criteria in which only a small percentage of hopeful candidates get a thumbs-up.

The graduate admission essay and other admission requirements

Obviously, you cannot get into a graduate program without a bachelor’s degree. Admission requirements vary from one university or program to another, but generally, you need to have an impressive GPA, pass a battery of tests and interviews, great recommendations from your college professors and other mentors, and an excellent graduate admission

How to write an impressive graduate admission essay

Your essay is your statement of purpose, and it can make or break your application. A good essay should be able to present your suitability for the graduate degree that you wish to pursue. Although the question, “Why do you want to pursue graduate studies from this university?” seems very basic, it is not easy to answer. After all, you need to keep in mind that the answer should present you at your best, particularly focusing on your values, interests, and accomplishments.

The admissions board’s purpose for requiring you to write your essay is to determine why you are worthy of being accepted into graduate school. To meet their expectations, you need to go through four fundamental stages: pre-writing, drafting, editing, and proofreading. As with any type of writing, a good admissions essay requires organization of ideas, so you need to brainstorm, narrow down your ideas, and come up with a comprehensive outline in the pre-writing stage. Brainstorming simply means that you draw ideas from your unconscious mind and bring them to the surface. Think about your personal experiences; answer questions, like “What do you consider as major accomplishments?” and “Why do you think of them as such?” Don’t attempt to write off ideas at this stage. Just let the ideas flow, and record them as they come through listing or “free writing.” If you can't find good words for your essay, maybe will be better write to college admissions essay help and get professional essay help.

Once you feel satisfied with your list, narrow your list down by matching the items to the specifications of the program tha 1000 t you want. For instance, if you are applying for a program in political science, your winning a trophy at a singing competition would have far less value than being a member of your college’s debate society. Afterwards, organize your outline. Do you want to present a chronological review of your accomplishments or would you rather present ideas grouped according to your interests, philosophies, and influences? During the drafting or writing stage, make sure that you highlight your best qualities. If you are resilient and determined, for instance, write about an experience at work or in college wherein you pulled through a major disappointment. Don’t make up stories, though. When you write, think about how your degree would help you give back to the community and not just how it can help you fulfill your dreams.

Edit your work for grammatical slips, and tweak it around so the content creates a stronger impact. You want the board to see you as a well-versed, logical individual and not as a scatterbrain. Proofread for any typographical errors and misplaced punctuation. Get someone whose opinion you respect to read your essay. Your essay should make you feel proud of yourself before you send it in.