A Torque Sensor, Torque Meter or Torque Transducer is a device for torque measurement and recording on a rotating system, like an engine, rotor, cap torque tester, gearbox etc. Datum Electronics is a global leading supplier and manufacturer of static and rotary torque sensor since 1989. We have a wide range of collection for testing and monitoring the application of torque. Datum Electronics offering Shaft Power Torque and Rotating Torque Sensor which is used for the measurements of non-contact rotary torque and slip ring. Rotating Torque Measurement appropriate for dynamical measurements of torques. Static Torque Transducer is more beneficial in inline or reaction where the measurements can be done in both directions. The most demanding Static Torque Transducer is FF425 Non-Contact Flange Torque Transducer, RS425 Bearing less Torque Transducer, FF410 Reaction Torque Transducer. Each of them has a different specification and designed for different situations. Non-Contact Flange Torque Transducer measurement ranges depend upon size. It has some additional feature like accuracy, non-linearity, and repeatability.

Our manufacturer group has gathered Rotary Torque Sensor designs, to cover all configurations and capacities. We include these designs into the mechanical or geometry configuration needed to match our customer’s requirements. This method results in very fast delivery times. The main parts of the design are depending upon the application and sized up according to the requirements. Strain gauge technology has limitless uses in the field. It has been used to test vehicles, dams etc. Strain Gauge Torque Sensor is mostly found in large power plants, automobile, and industries. Power is obtained through strain measurement and rotational speed on the shaft.

Datum Electronics supplying Non-Contact Torque Sensor and Non-Contact Rotary Torque Sensor are designed for the compatibility with all application where power and rotatory torque measurements are compulsory. You may place the order according to your output requirements. Digital and multiple outputs, these are two options for the selection. Apart from it, Reaction Torque Transducer is torque sensors that give electrical output signal from a torsional mechanical input. Flange Torque Sensor that has the capability to select sample rates from 1 up to 4000sps. We have a special user-friendly platform where we are always available for online discussion. If you have any query you may directly interact with us.