BBC R has launched a new interactive radio drama for Amazon Alexa that's different for everyone who hears it.

The Unfortunates is adapted from a BBC Radio 3 play starring Martin Freeman, which was based on an experimental 'book in a box' novel by BS Johnson.

The story contained 27 unbound sections, with only the start and end points specified; the rest could be read in any order.

The story, which was originally released in 1969, follows a sports journalist whose memories of a friend are triggered when he is sent to report on a football match, and according to the author, the format is intended to convey "the mind's randomness".

Last year, BBC R released its first interactive audio drama for smart speakers: sci-fi story The Inspection Chamber.

"[We] found a perfect example of a story we could bring to smart speakers, creating something which would sound and interact like a traditional radio programme but also take advantage of new technology"

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