It's 2018, electric cars are a thing, and they're affordable.

But some people don't like that the charging points aren't as common as the common petrol station.

But plenty of work has been done to improve the state of car-charging infrastructure, even if none of it seems to have affected Jeremy Clarkson, and the latest move will see 2,500 of the things hit Tesco car parks up and down the country.

Thanks to a new team up with Volkswagen, 600 Tesco branches will be lucky enough to have the chargers installed - with the goal of having them all up and running by 2020.

Installation is being done by PodPoint, the largest independent public charging operator, with the promise that anyone charging up using a 7kW charger won't have to pay.

7kW charging isn't very fast, though, so 50kW charging will also be available but you're going to have to pay for it.

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