Everyone seems to have that one app that they find immensely useful, and are puzzled as to why the rest of the world isn’t using it.

Maybe it’s a weather app, a better way of finding music, or an app for making sure you have something to read or listen to on the train; it’s something you find yourself going back to again and again, and think other people are missing out on.

Hopper is an app for finding low prices on flights and hotels.

The app will predict prices a year in advance to help you figure out when to travel, and it can monitor dates and deals and send you push notifications when there’s something worth booking.

My colleague Shannon Liao says it’s must-have for frequent travelers, but that there are some drawbacks to watch out for, like difficult cancelations and the app directing you to unfamiliar airlines.

If your phone storage is being filled up by gigabytes and gigabytes of photos and videos, Google Photos is your reprieve.

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