I've been putting Sanho's HyperDrive USB-C Hub for the 2018 iPad Pro through its paces, trying this six-port dock that plugs into the USB-C port in Apple's newest iPad Pro models.

It takes as much advantage of the USB-C port as Apple allows, letting you plug in 3.5mm audio devices, HDMI monitors and TVs, regular and micro SD memory cards, your charger and other USB-C devices, and accessories like Ethernet adapters that use the old-style rectangular USB-A connector that's been a fixture on laptops for decades.

It's not for everybody -- and the market already is limited by the steep price of a $799 11-inch iPad Pro or $999 12.9-inch model, not to mention Apple's $179 or $199 Keyboard Folio Case that the tablet productivity crowd also likely will want.

There's no doubt they're becoming gradually more capable, and Apple has encouraged the trend for its higher-end iPad Pro models by advertising its computing abilities, selling external keyboards and, most recently, replacing Apple's proprietary and limited Lightning connector with the vastly more flexible USB-C port.

Better charge up your iPad first, because there's no way to plug in a power cable at the same time.

Sanho's accessory is compact for the job it does -- roughly 1 inch wide, 4 inches long and the thickness of the tablet, with refined manufacturing -- but it puts a big lump on the the iPad's otherwise sleek design.

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