Discover Brady complete and reliable etiketteringslösning for the printed circuit board that provides the ability to automate the traceability and to collect smart manufacturing data from the production lines for smd components.

Brady complete spårbarhetslösning can connect all the circuit boards in the production of a Smart Factory configuration.

With this solution, data can be collected from the circuit board, and then sent to the processing system and to other machines and production cycles, or to the supply chain both up - and downstream.

Discover each part of a complete spårbarhetslösning in detail.

Brady series, with reliable labels for pcb are designed for automatic application and can hold 2D-codes and bar codes readable under such conditions kretskortstillverkning, so that they can be read by scanning through the entire production process.

Print and apply the labels: polyimidetiketter which have been designed to stay in place and remain legible in temperatures up to 300 C, or when exposed to typical kretskortskemikalier and cleaning processes.

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